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Orleans Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning team in Orleans, Ottawa are the window cleaning specialists throughout Ottawa city. We have many years of experience and can do your residential or commercial window cleaning in Ottawa. Our team of window cleaners offers its cleaning service in Orleans, Ottawa, Gatineau and around, for all your needs, residential window cleaning, window cleaning at height, cleaning of hard-to-reach windows, and solarium cleaning.

Residential Windows Washing in Orleans

Depending on the house, the surface of your windows, the reaching difficult to your windows, window washing is the responsibility of a professional window cleaner. Too often improvised, this profession is however not! For a good window cleaning, without streak or spot, interior or exterior, the application of special techniques is essential for a quality window cleaning job. Our team of window cleaners in Orleans and Ottawa provides cleaning services from large to small windows with hard reach access.

When is the best time to have my windows cleaned ?

Spring is the best time to have your windows cleaned. As soon as the sun comes out and the mercury rises, people just want to wash the windows to see more clearly and let in the sunlight. For several years, we have been specializing in window washing in Orleans, Ottawa. Every spring, the home owners all call at the same time.

If we have any advice to give, it is to book your window cleaning services as early as possible , around the beginning of March to make an appointment. We notice the same phenomenon for the fall season, when everyone calls in October. Currently, it takes one to two weeks to wait, but the delay will increase. When you get your windows cleaned in the spring, it would be a good idea to make an appointment immediately for the fall. This way you will be sure to have your window clean for the winter. Our team of professional window cleaners will be happy to offer you a free quotation for cleaning your windows in Orleans or Ottawa.

Orleans Pure Water Window Washing
Window washer using pure water fed technique.

What is Pure Water Cleaning ?

Pure water washing is a revolutionary technique in the cleaning sector. Cleaning windows with pure water is a technique that dates back to the 1950s! This process is particularly useful for cleaning vertical or inclined exterior surfaces, such as cleaning windows or cladding maintenance.

The number 1 enemy when cleaning windows is water. Indeed, the minerals it contains prevent flawless work on this type of surface. This is why the water is purged of all its minerals, in order to become pure water. Pure water is very effective for cleaning windows and respects the environment. Pure water cleaning is a technology that allows to perfectly clean your windows without using any solvent, just water without any mineral or organic particles. Our window cleaner’s team in Orleans, Ottawa is using this method to wash most of the exterior windows. Pure water is not naturally present in nature and must be obtained through physical processes that will allow:

  • Removal of traces of mineral particles
  • Elimination of the use of detergents in 90% of cases.
  • Spotless dried water
  • Ecofriendly Window Washer in Orleans

    Another advantage of cleaning windows with pure water is that it is environmentally friendly. Sustainable development is a commitment that is close to our heart. This is why our cleaning windows washer team in Orleans, Ottawa offers to residents this ecofriendly process.

    Among its eco-responsible commitments for sustainable development, our Window Washer in Orleans uses innovative cleaning technologies that respect the environment. All these cleaning methods have the same objectives: to be respectful of our environment and to make your windows cleaner than clean!

    Our Window Cleaning Services in Orleans

    Exterior Window Washing

    Our pure water glass cleaning technique is faster and more efficient than traditional methods. This allows us to charge you low prices for quality cleaning.

    Interior Window Washing

    Cleaning interior windows is often a tough job given the dust that collects in every nook and cranny. Trust a professional for cleaning your interior windows.

    Window Frames & Screens Cleaning

    Our professional window cleaners will be able to clean your window frames as well as window screens. Request a free quote now and see more clearly with our window cleaning services.

    Ecofriendly Products

    We use pure water cleaning for your exterior windows. This process is ecofriendly and does not require the use of chemical solvents. When we need to use soap, we make sure it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


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